Promising Research Center in Biological Control and Agricultural Information

Management Message

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Professor Dr. Ahmad Bin Ibrahim Al-Turky

The Initiative of establishment of promising research centers put forward by the Ministry of Higher Education is a blessed step that seeks rooting of the specialized scientific research by establishing the principle of cooperation among researchers to create a specialized research groups. These research groups are the first step to achieve excellence and leadership in research and scientific activities, quality, creativity, innovation and fair competition and fruitful interaction.

Qassim University was honored by obtaining a promising research center funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, it bears the name of Biological Control and Agricultural Information Research Center, which confirms the ability of the university to compete in the field of research projects and scientific activities. There is great hope that this center gives an opportunity to start a research cooperation between specialists in the areas of interest of the center for the employees of the university. It is also an opportunity to build bridges with the corresponding research centers through cooperation agreements, that helps to settle expertise, technologies, and opens up further prospects of research to specialists. It is also perhaps an opportunity to get rid of self-isolation among some academics and researchers. We say this because we believe that collective work and institutional framework is the first pillar for the construction related to the reality of life and application in the development of agriculture in its new –look and in promoting sustainable development and to achieve further improvement in life quality of the human. Based on the vision of the Center and its mission and objectives , the management of the Centre welcome the active participation of all professionals within the university and in collaboration of specialists outside the university through research projects and scientific activities that contribute to, God willing, in achieving the goals behind the establishment of the promising Centre for Research on biological control and agricultural information.

And in your hands - Dear Reader - Brochures about the center, which briefly shows - some information that will help researchers to benefit from the services of the center and communicate with it.

Before concluding I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to His Excellency Qassim University president for support and encouragement given to the center by His Excellency. Thanks and appreciation are also due to the Deputy President of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research for his interest and follow-up during different phases of foundation of the center. And ask God to provides us with all of his help and guidance to enable us to achieve the objectives of this center to meet the ambition of our wise leadership, which has always looking for creation of a stimulating environment for the mobility of knowledge and scientific research to achieve excellence and leadership and access to the ranks of prestigious international universities.