Promising Research Center in Biological Control and Agricultural Information

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Professor Dr. Yousif Abdulah Al-Salem

There is no doubt that scientific research in the present era is the basis of evolution and innovation in all areas, especially applied ones. Therefore it is a universally adopted indicators in the evaluation of mobility and scientific knowledge in all relevant scientific places and specially universities. The most important factors leading to excellence in scientific research and its conversion into tangible fruits in our reality is to create a stimulating environment through the establishment of research centers that will develop research by academics, researchers, and improve its quality. The research centers provide a meeting point between researchers for formation of specialized research process that is characterized by continuity and compactness. Hence the Ministry of Higher Education is keen to establish several promising research centers, that aim to support specialized research which takes into account modern trends in research and taking into consideration also the needs of the society , its problems and its environment and thus the centers become the scientific reference on the national level in their field of specialization.

Qassim University have won one of these promising centers that is funded by the Ministry of Higher Education. It bears the name of research center of biological control and agricultural information and we are certain, God willing, it will have a great role in promoting research excellence and aachieve the greatest possible cooperation between researchers for execution of a scientific research of high quality, and to be a nucleus for the establishment of a research center of excellence in the future.

In this occasion I would like to thank His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education on the generous initiative launched by the Ministry for the establishment of these centers and their funding. I also thank the President of Qassim University for his support of the mobility of scientific research in the university and follow-up the foundation of the promising center.

Our thanks go to the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research for his support and his follow up during the different steps of establishment of the Center .We ask God to write success to the Centre to achieve its objectives.